• Acetrax launches VOD across Europe

    Acetrax launches VOD across Europe
    Europe/London, January , 2012 By Robert Briel

    Acetrax, the multi-region digital movie retailer, will be launching its T-VOD movies service across the UK, France, Italy and Germany via the Inview Technology connected TV service this spring.

    The Acetrax movies app will offer viewers using the Inview platform access to blockbuster movies on a transactiopns basis (T-VOD), without the need of a subscription.

    The Inview service runs on Tier 2 TVs and set-top boxes, turning these low cost products into connected devices. This software is currently being rolled out across Europe, with developments in the pipeline across South America and Asia, and is forecast to be present in over 100 million homes by the end of 2014.

    The Inview service includes a fully integrated royalty-free electronic programme guide (EPG), media browser and personal scheduling tool. All content – from both broadcast and broadband sources – is delivered via the EPG.

    Leslie Golding, CMO of Acetrax, said in a statement: “We strongly believe that consumers want access to the best content without being tied in to a monthly subscription. By partnering with Inview we are able to extend our TVOD offering to a substantial number of viewers, as Inview’s focus on the Tier 2 market allows us to reach this large audience through just one development.”

    Mark Rooney, Head of Media at Inview Technology added: “We are delighted to be working with this leading VOD aggregator. Our service is seamlessly linked into a familiar EPG setting, making accessing all content – whether it is streamed or broadcast – an easy task. By focusing on the Tier 2 market, we can now make premium content, such as Acetrax’s movie catalogue available to people at all budget levels, not just those who can afford the latest hi-tech gadgets.”

    Joining Acetrax on the launch platform will be apps from Grooveshark for music streaming, Facebook and Twitter for social networking, Reuters for the latest news updates and many others.
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