• BBC explores personal programme guide

    BBC explores personal programme guide

    Alex Lane - Tue, 27/09/2011 - 3:42pm The BBC has opened an experimental programme search and listing service to the public.
    The Programme List prototype has been created to develop new functions that could appear in iPlayer and other BBC services.
    Logging in with your Twitter ID, it lets you search the BBC's national TV and radio channels, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 for TV shows from the next 10 days and the last seven days.
    You can add entire series or just single episodes to your list, which is continually updated to show you when and where they're on. There's also an 'On Today' button to show whether anything's coming up soon.
    "It's designed and built to find out how people would use something like this and we hope it will inform the future of iPlayer and favourites across the BBC.," said Tristan Ferne of BBC Research & Development.

    "We'd like you to try using The Programme List and let us know what you think, how you use it and how you'd make it better."
    Developments to The Programme List can be follwed on Twitter via @programmelist.