• Glashart Media launches live iPad streaming

    Glashart Media launches live iPad streaming

    Dutch based FTTH provider Glashart Media is launching live iPad streaming around the house to its TV customers. Using a TV app, developed by Hilversum-based Stoneroos Interactive, viewers can see ten live channels.

    Glashart customers can download the app for free and use the service until the end of the year at no cost. Next year, a monthly subscription fee of 3.95 will be applicable, although public channels can be viewed without paying a fee.

    The ten channels available from launch are the three Dutch pubic national networks (Nederland 1, Nederland 2 and Nederland 3), HumorTV 24, NOS Journaal 24, CNN, TV5, SlamTV, BBC World News and Jim Jam.

    The live TV streaming integrates with the Glashart Media EPG and remote control on the iPad. Users can zap channels, set reminders, and if they have a PVR pause live TV and plan recordings uding the iPad EPG and app.

    Glashart Media delovers TV services to the following FTTH providers: XMS, Lijbrandt, Edutel, OnsBrabantNet, OnsNetNuenen, ON, KickXL, Solcon, Concepts-ICT, Lijbrandt Telecom, Tweak, Helden van Nu and Fieber.

    Stoneroos Interactive Television from Hilversum developed the Glashart Media TV App with LiveTV.
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