• Norwegian cablers consider charging TV2

    Norwegian cablers consider charging TV2
    09.09 Europe/London, December 20, 2011 By Robert Briel

    Cable operators in Norway will now consider charging a platform carriage fee from TV2, the commercial public service broadcaster.

    This follows a decision from the Arbitration Board last week, which sets a sharp increase of the license fee that cable operators must pay to TV2.

    “This new situation in our view opens up for charging a carriage fee for distributing TV2 in cable,” said Øyvind Husby, chairman of Kabel Norge, the cable tv trade association, in a statement.

    “From its start in 1992, TV2 was granted access to cable in order to build its position on commercial advertising. Now TV2 is well established, making high profits, and with support from the Government has succeeded in opening up for large payments from cable operators,” Husby added.

    “Cable operators have substantial costs building and maintaining their cable tv networks, including customer support and service. Parts of these costs are related to distribution and handling of the TV2 channel, which has a must carry status in cable networks. These costs should be compensated by a platform fee.”
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