• Philips media player makes TV smart

    Philips media player makes TV smart
    By Robert Briel
    March 23, 2012 08.55 Europe/London

    Philips has launched a new version of its media player that brings the company’s Smart TV platform to any TV set.

    The Philips HMP7000 connects via HDMI to the TV and will receive Smart TV features such as TV apps and VOD services, which vary by country. This includes premium VOD, catch-up TV from commercial and public broadcasters and access to video portals including Vimeo and YouTube.

    The media player also supports DLNA, which enables users to stream video, music and pictures from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone onto the TV screen. It requires a wireless home network and a DLNA app on the other device.

    Users can also connect USB hard drives and play a large number of formats, including DivX HD. The box also comes with built-in Wi-Fi.

    The set is available in Europe from April with a price around €130. It will compete with other media players including Apple TV, Boxee and Roku. Because the Philips media player can playback almost any format, it is more open than some of its colleagues. The manufacturer will also update the software when needed.
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