• [PHP] NewUser - Manager & Admin - Panel project for MultiCS

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    PHP MultiCS Panel is a small commercial application that lets you manage your MultiCS Server easily. The application has the ability to communicate with your MultiCS Server remotly and import all your configuration file.

    Once you installed MultiCS Panel you edit the configuration file of MultiCS Server inside your Admin panel and the application writes to it every time you make changes (Add lines, edit profiles etc).

    Admins can control everything related to their MultiCS Server from the admin panel, they can create lines, remove existing ones and many more.

    Users can register to your site, and they can instantly generate a test line based on your settings or they can purchase and extend lines automatically using automatic payments. (Ex Paypal).

    In a few words, installing this Panel will make your life easier since you will not have to do anything (creating lines etc etc) because the panel does that job for you.

    Some Of The Features are listed below:

    - Add/Edit/Remove Lines
    - 3 Emulators Are Supported (CCcam, MgCamd, NewCamd)
    - Multi CCCam & MgCamd Servers Supported
    - Lines Offline/Online status
    - Users can generate any kind of line based on your settings and they can change the emulator of their line if they want to
    - Admins have a small monitor inside their panel in which they can see who is resharing.
    - Automatic Payments for paypal, support added also for PaySafeCard & Ukash
    - Ticket Support. Users can comminucate with you using tickets and you can respond to tickets from your admin panel.
    - phpMailer Support. You can add your own external email like yahoo,gmail etc for mail sending.
    - Email Verification for the users when they register to your site.
    - Automatic Panel Updates. If we make a new update for the panel you can instaly update it using one button and all your files and database will be updated if necessary

    The application has been tested with r68,r69,r70,r71,r72 and it was fully compatible but probably it will work with earlier versions too.

    You can order your MultiCS Panel by sending an e-mail to us in xtream_codes@yahoo.com or via Private Messaging from our forum..

    You are not allowed to change the copyrights of this Panel. We reserve the right to block your licence at any time if you do this..

    [align=center]Below you can download the MultiCS Panel. We offer 2 different types of panels. x32 and x64.
    The panel has been compiled into bytecode for protection and thats why we have 2 seperate versions. Download the version depending on your server machine.

    In order to use all the features of this panel you have to buy a licence. At the moment you will be able to install it on your own server as demo.[/align]

    We provide to you two different methods in order to install the panel. The first is to download the panel depending on your machine (64 or 32 bit) and then to read the Documentation for the requirements etc... The second method is to download the Automatic installer, then upload it to your server, change the file permissions to 777 with this command: chmod 777 installer and filally run it ./installer .

    Read DOCUMENTATION!!! HERE -> Documentation.zip

    x86 MultiCS Panel Latest Version -> x86_multicsDownload.zip

    x64 MultiCS Panel Latest Version -> x64_multicsDownload.zip

    Our Automatic Installer -> installer.zip

    Thanks a lot.

    Xtream Codes Team.

    P.S We are not affiliated IN ANY WAY with Card Sharing and we ARE NOT trying to promote card sharing. This is just a PHP Project and nothing more for those who want to manage their MultiCS Server easily. Card Sharing is totally legal provided that you use it with your own satellite subscription card and only for your private purposes!