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    CCCAM 2.3.0 is taking the backdoor crap even a step further.

    The lowest scum of the earth, UVADI TEAM, have done it even better this time. Making sure sharing will die for sure if they keep this crap up.

    Before I continue, I would urge people with BRAINS and PROGRAMMING SKILLS, to download IDA PRO (torrent) and decompile it for themselfs to find the ****ing remotely triggered backdoor.

    How it works.

    When you install CCcam 2.3.0 , nothing special is happening at first, and cccam will check for input activity on the pc or box to make sure nobody is watching. When it finds itself comfortably alone, it will start sending your ENTIRE CCCAM.CFG info to this IP (a rented root server in germany).
    Now I recompiled a version so I could trigger the backdoor myself, and TADA, some ****ing ITALIAN dialup asswipe connected to the server I just set up , IP : So traffic on my card started. THIS THEY CAN NOT HIDE in Cccam, it shows as a CONNECTED CLIENT from one of your clients in cccam.cfg where the dyndns has been removed (still lack of cccam, if dyndns is non-existing) the security feature doesn't work anymore and everybody can connect on that user.

    I have 2 words for UVADI TEAM -> YOU SUCK !!!!!!

    The future of CCcam is dead thanks to these low life asswipes , just after free sharing and making their own "spidernetwork" on your card.

    BLOCK ALL CLIENTS that have 2.3.0 connected to your server as it will still read all connected clients from the server, trough the client !!

    latest original CCcam 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 which are secure and don't have this backdoor code.

    Πηγη: Nickman + Ferrarif1 + kreta111
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