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    Sat-Dreambox_dm7020HD ( Image backup )

    Sat-Dreambox backup image for DM7020HD

    Image based on Nemesis image version 110r0
    The image includes CCcam 2.1.3...OScam 6454...Mgcam 1.38 and also their configuration files.
    OScam config ready to accept two cards in the slots,one cnl cards and one nova card.
    Also a server connection is ready so just your server details there.
    A lot of plugins and addons are included,and to mention the major ones are Tspanel 6.1...Persian Palace full ...Glass system utilities...GP3 wizard ready to be installed...Dflash 3.3...spinner selection...and as mentioned a lot more.
    Bootlogos set to Sat-Dreambox team logos.
    Spinner set to no spinner but you can set your spiner by the plugin spinner selection.
    Settings Hotbird,and Greek Nova...Cyprus Nova...Adult channels bouquets ready as well as Greek terestrial channels.
    Greek language added so the languages included are english italian and greek.Please add your own.
    Blue button active to download addons and extra.
    All drivers updated to today`s date to solve various problems.Image is rock solid no crashes encountered.
    You happy DM7020HD owners just enjoy it.
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