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    New File Added: Azbox HD Enigma2

    Downloads: A new file has been added by gregorii:

    Azbox HD Enigma2

    A new GIT 24.08.2011 based RTi Core image.

    ** Complete Image with latest updates **


    -New drivers (24.08.2011)
    -Fixed second tuner decoding
    -Added recording one channel, watching second channel on the same transponder with one channel. (Limit is 2 channels per tuner)
    -Apsect ratio fix
    -Deep standby changed to shutdown because no difference between standby and deepstandby
    -Videmode plugin changed for aspect ratio. Use scalingmode letterbox for auto scaling of 4:3 etc
    -Added playback of recordings through MediaCenter from Internal recordings list (expirimental)
    -Fixed cifs mounting in mount manager
    -Added azbox grab again(hopefully working)

    MediaCenter update:

    -Use blue button -> RTI installer to install MediaCenter
    -Added recordings playback (Please provide small samples if you have none working files. Samples must include the .ts and .**** files)
    -Added autofs for all options
    -Added aspect ratio (you can change while playing a movie. Active scalingmode not yet detected)
    -Added scalingmode option in AV settings
    -Return to tv scaling mode on exit
    -Fixed Audio player play all and playlist stuff
    -Fixed stripped header mkv (at least on the files i had to test)

    NOTE: Git image is still in progress. Do not hesistate to provide us with feedback on bugs, but do mind that we are already working as fast as we can to provide you with a stable image.

    To flash this Enigma 2 version use AZUp application to avoid any problem

    Thanks Roger Rabbit

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    Azbox HD Enigma2 has been updated!

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