UPC launches ‘cable is better’ campaign
11.49 Europe/London, August 22, 2011 By Robert Briel

UPC Nederland has launched a new advertising campaign claiming ‘cable is better than ADSL’ when it comes to broadband speed. A series of TV sports featuring two families who do a house swap – one of the housses is equipped with ADSL, the other weith cable.

One family experiences the limitations opf ADSL, the other family the possibilities with cable internet and telephony. With ADSL, the maximum speed for broadband access is 20 Mbps, for cable its is up 120 Mbps.

Internet applications such as streaming music, watch videos, play games and chat require ever more bandwidth. “The Internet speeds that UPC offers customers encounter no obstacles. Even if there are multiple computers in your household,” accoriding to the cabler.

Matilda Koch, marketing communications director at UPC Nederland, in a statement: “With this new campaign, we want everyone who has ever opted for ADSL show the benefits of internet and television via the UPC network. We show that it is really beneficial to switch to UPC and therefore it is our opinion not a question of whether they are going to do, but when.”

(Picture shows a scene from the UPC televsion campaign)