Second broadcaster to use Sisvel’s 3D system
13.40 Europe/London, June , 2011 By Robert Briel

Sisechnology has announced that independent regional broadcaster Città Digitali in Lucca, Italy, will adopt Sisvel Technology’s 3D Tile Format for its HD 3D service this month, making it one of the earliest adopters of the innovative 3D transmission format.

Programming for the 24-hour service will include art, culture, leisure, environment, and regional food and wine specialties.

“Città Digitali has always been at the forefront of the provision of content for digital terrestrial broadcasting, and with this extremely efficient new technology, we will be the first in the region to offer viewers news, news segments, current affairs, entertainment, sport, and culture in 3D,” said Lodovico Poschi Meuron, CEO of Città Digitali, in a statement.

Paolo D’Amato, CEO of Sisvel Technology, said, “The 3D Tile Format can bring great benefits to the whole market, from operators to TV producers, and most importantly to consumers. Our fruitful partnership with Città Digitali allows us to introduce this solution in the Tuscan region of Italy, and we expect to see other regions adopting the format this year.”

At the European Forum on Digital TV that will be held on June 10, 2011 in Lucca, Italy, Roberto Dini, Sisvel founder, will introduce Città Digitali as one the partners of the so-called 3D Village. This is an initiative that creates a common space for broadcasters, content providers, researchers, and manufacturers experimenting with 3D technology.

Test transmissions of the Sisvel 3D channel are available on the Astra position at 19.2 degrees East.