Samsung sells two million Smart TVs
By Robert Briel

Samsung Electronics said it has sold a record number of two million of its Smart TVs in the three months since it was launched. Comparing figures with its LED sets, the company said it took eight months to reach 2 million LED sets sold.

These figures show global sales of an average of 22,000 units daily and 15.4 units sold every minute, according to the Samsung blog Samsung Tomorrow.

Smart TV proved to be most popular in North America, with 730,000 units sold, followed by markets in Europe such as the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, with a total of 710,000 units sold.

In the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia region, where the Smart TVs were launched later, about 170,000 units were sold, and in Korea alone, the number of Samsung’s Smart TVs sold was over 120,000 units. In all areas sales are remaining solid, according to Samsung.

The consumer electronics manufacturer ios also signing content deals across the world for its connected sets. Most recently, the BBC announced availability of BBC News on Samsung sets.