Futuremark today let loose the 1.02 version for 3DMark 11 which brings updated to both the benchmark's Bullet physics library and SystemInfo component so as to ensure compatibility with future processors, graphics cards and other components.
Beside better hardware support, the 1.02 update also includes the following:
- Display scaling mode setting is now available in the Basic Edition
- Improved user messages when the benchmark run is interrupted (all editions)
- Fixed wireframe mode for the Combined test with Nvidia hardware (Advanced and Profession Edition only)
- Load/Save result dialog remembers the last used folder (Advanced and Profession Edition only)
- Correct watermark is always displayed when benchmark is launched from command line (Professional Edition only)
- Command line loop switch with single test now loops without reloading (Professional Edition only)
To download 3DMark 11 v1.02 just check out the downloads section .

Source :tcmagazine.com