Corsair has went on a release spree today (it's probably not the only one) and one of the things announced was an update for its Hydro Series of maintenance-free liquid coolers. The products actually introduced are the previously-leaked H80 and H100 CPU coolers.
The two fresh Hydro members feature a low-profile cooling unit with a micro-channel copper cold plate and a split-flow manifold, feature digital fan control, and include a 120mm (H80) or a dual 120mm (H100) radiator. Both solutions pack a digital connector so they can be used with the newly-launched Corsair Link system for monitoring and control.
"With the H80 and H100, we've kept our focus on the key features that have made the Hydro Series a success - closed-loop reliability, straightforward installation, and, of course, the best CPU cooling technology available." said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. "The user-selectable fan control and Corsair Link Digital compatibility gives performance enthusiasts the power to customize their cooling performance and manage fan noise by selecting the amount of cooling they need."
The H80 and H100 will become available in June priced at $109 and $119, respectively.