Mozilla has now taken the veil off the first major Firefox update made following the implementation of the Chrome-inspired 'rapid release development cycle'. Firefox 5 has thus arrived just three months after its predecessor, but it includes over 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements.
The PC-bound Firefox 5 builds, which can run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, are available here and feature the following goodies:
- Support for CSS animations
- The Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverability
- Tuned HTTP idle connection logic for increased performance
- Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance
- Improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas
- Improved spell checking for some locales
- Improved desktop environment integration for Linux users
- WebGL content can no longer load cross-domain textures
- Background tabs have setTimeout and setInterval clamped to 1000ms to improve performance
- Fixed several stability issues
- Fixed several security issues
As for the Android version, which can be found in the Android Market , it includes:
- Important bug fixes
- Fixed localization issues with truncated strings in French, Russian, and in Italian
- Improved page load speed, especially on 3G networks
- Improved panning responsiveness
- Added support for the Do-Not-Track header
- Improved compatibility with SwiftKey keyboard
- Images downloaded to the Android Gallery are now immediately visible
- Improved color conversion enabling better display of images and video
- Dialog prompts better match default Android styling
- Added support for over six menu items in the Android Menu
- Resolved an error encountered when trying to load web pages without an active Internet connection