Hitachi-owned G-Technology is going to provide its own smartphone and tablet-friendly wireless storage solution as of next month when it releases the G-Connect portable hard drive which features 802.11n WiFi, USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
Between the three interfaces provided, the G-Connect can offer WiFi Internet access for multiple devices when connected through the Gigabit Ethernet port, can backup your important files and wirelessly stream high definition content to up to three devices or standard definition content to up to five devices simultaneously.
"With the unprecedented growth in tablets and smartphones, our goal is to deliver solutions that better fit the increasing mobile lifestyle of consumers," said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, Hitachi GST Branded Business. "The mobile devices on which we listen to, work on and view our digital content on are proliferating, giving us new freedoms while at the same time creating practical realities - you just can’t take all of your content with you, and you’re left with constantly reorganizing your stuff to make more room. With G-Connect, now you truly can take it all with you!"
The G-Connect drive has support for DLNA-certified devices, it provides 500GB of storage space, it's backed by a three-year warranty, and bears a price tag of $200.