Beside some more or less useful applications, the software bundle of Gigabyte's Z68 motherboards includes a little Windows tool called Touch BIOS which aims to make BIOS setting modifications easy as pie, or better yet, so simple a monkey could do them (use monkey at your own risk though).
Touch BIOS provides users with a simple, colorful interface from which to make changes to various BIOS settings. The app supports both mouse and touch navigation (the latter of course requiring a touch-enabled display) and can be customized so only the sections used frequently are available right away.
After making the desired tweaks through Touch BIOS, one just has to save the new settings and then reboot the system so the changes take effect. Touch BIOS is supposed to help people less familiar with BIOSes to get around and try their 'luck' with things like overclocking and such, but experienced users should benefit too since it allows easy access to the BIOS right from within the operating system. It won't revolutionize the BIOS (that's what UEFI is for) but it's a nice plus from Gigabyte.

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