Focused, elastic, and effortless - these are the key words Google is using when talking about its plans for revamping the look of its services. already got a makeover, and now Gmail and Calendar are starting to show their new, true colors.
The updated Gmail interface, which is supposed to cut clutter down to size while maintaining high functionality, is now available for testing via two themes, one called 'Preview' and one named 'Preview (Dense)'. Both are available through the Themes tab in the Settings section and are supposed to be modern, cleaner, but also unfinished so Google is asking users to give them a try and provide feedback. The true roll-out of the new Gmail UI is likely coming in the next few months.
As for the updated Calendar (which can be viewed by clicking on the 'Try the new look' link that appears on the main page), it comes with quite a few changes including the following:
- the Quick add function is now under the down arrow next to the Create button
- Calendars selected for viewing in your My calendars and Other calendars lists will no longer display with a colored background; instead, only the arrows next to them will be colored.
- The Print and Refresh buttons are now icons rather than text links. The Print button shows a printer, and the Refresh icon is a circular arrow.
- Visual indicator icons (alarm clock icon for events with reminders, person icon for events with guests, etc.) will only show when the event is hovered over.
- The My calendars and Other calendars lists on the left are now collapsed by default and may be expanded using the small gray arrow. Once expanded, they will remain expanded on refresh or open.
- The mini month view calendar under the Create button is collapsible using the small gray arrow.
- The Save and Discard buttons and Back to calendar link are only available at the top of the event page, not the bottom.
More tweaks are scheduled for this summer and fall so brace yourself and practice those accommodation skills.