Claiming that online sharing is awkward and broken, Google today announced its much-rumored push into the social space and introduced the Google+ project. What is it? Not a social network per say, but a package of services and apps to help share content, communicate and discover new things online.
One major component of Google+ is the circle, a structure that can be easily customized (and multiplied, since you can make a heap of circles) to include the persons you want to share content with. According to Google, making circles is as fast as easy as pie, and allows for a more focused management of a person's online contacts.
Another goodie is known as Sparks and is basically a service that allows you to stay up to date and share the things that interest you the most. Each user can tap Sparks and add their interests and then wait for Google's search engine to find the latest content regarding those interests. The end result will be a constant feed on everything you like that also allows for quick and easy sharing with friends.
In terms of communications, Google+ offers two things - Hangouts and Huddle, the former being a video chatting solution that enables group conversations, while the latter is a group messaging service accessible via smartphone (Android, iPhone) or dumbphone (through SMS).
Google+ also includes an Instant Upload function to help get photos up in the cloud and ready for sharing as fast as possible, features location support (your posts can include GPS data), and makes use of a toolbar that will be available across all Google properties.
Google+ is currently undergoing a 'Field Trial' and the only way to get in is via invitation. You can try to get in by entering your email on .