With a few grains of salt (stuck between our teeth) and a heavy heart we have to report on a rumor that Intel has decided on delaying its high and mighty Sandy Bridge-E desktop platform from the previously-planned Q4 of 2011 to January 2012.
Sandy Bridge-E, which includes the new 32nm LGA2011 processors and the X79 Express chipset, is set to replace the LGA1366 platform and provide enthusiasts with a more capable solution for overclocking, gaming, and multi-threaded computing in general. This kind of offer would have been sweet coming out before the 2011 holidays but if the rumor is true then nobody will see it until the beginning of 2012.
True enough, Intel didn't have anything 'major' to show off at CES 2012 in January because the Ivy Bridge (22nm/LGA1155) platform is expected in March/April (2012) so the delay of Sandy Bridge-E will allow it to start the year very strong. Too bad this would come at the expense of Q4 which is a period of great spending. At least AMD Bulldozer will be more than happy to shower us with cores in 2H.

Source :tcmagazine.com