Cisco has just released a new firmware update for their Linksys E4200 high end home router. This new version adds IPv6 support and the ability to configure the router easily in bridge mode (access point mode). It also adds support for USB printers onto it's USB port.
When Linksys released their Maximum performance Wireless router for Small business and Home users back in February, it literally removed IPv6 support in the second firmware update (1.01) after the initial release.
Main reasons were that IPv6 support wasn't really 100% complete yet and Cisco wanted to make sure it would work 100% before releasing it to the public. Still a bit strange to release it with the 1.0 firmware that was on there at first, but still.

Now, after a couple of months waiting the company has created a new firmware that has some interesting new features on-board like USB printer support, Bridge mode and Native IPv6 support.
To sum it up, here's the changes since 1.01:

  • Added support of USB printer connected to the router's USB port, so that
  • a user may send a print job to the printer via the local area network.
  • ** This feature requires Cisco connect software v1.4 or later **
  • Added support of Native IPv6 and 6rd tunnel Internet connections
  • Added support of bridge mode
  • Prevented devices on the guest network to access any private IP
  • address (RFC 1918)
  • Updated wireless driver to improve interoperability
  • Fixed some storage relative issues
  • Fixed some browser-based configuration utility bugs
  • Fixed some minor bugs

You can grab the latest firmware update over here at Linksys.