Software giant Microsoft has (briefly) let the cat out of the bag and offered a preview of its next-gen operating system (known as Windows 8 for now) both at the D9 conference in the US and at a partner event in Taiwan.
The Windows 8 preview focused on the OS' touch-friendly interface which borrows from the Windows Phone 7 UI and comes with a tile-based Start screen from where you can get live notifications and launch apps (which can be 'legacy' apps or new, web-connected HTML5 and JavaScript apps). Mouse and keyboard controls will obviously be available so no need for a touchscreen - on desktops or notebooks.
The preview also showcases fluid app switching, app resizing, and browsing using the upcoming Internet Explorer 10, which is also, very touch-friendly.
More details about Windows 8 are set to be (officially) revealed this September at the BUILD developer event in Anaheim.