In an effort to confirm the existence of 'Mac gamers', Razer has developed and now released new versions of its BlackWidow, BlackWidow Ultimate and Anansi keyboards which feature a Mac-friendly key layout.
The Mac-ready BlackWidow costs $79.99 / 79.99 and features a mechanical key architecture which allows for faster actuation and an extended lifespan, a 1ms response time, fully programmable keys plus five additional gaming keys with on-the-fly macro recording, and Mac media keys.
The BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition has everything above, plus a five-level backlighting system (which lights each key individually), 3.5mm audio-out and line-in jacks, and a USB port. Its price tag is $129.99 / 129.99.
Targeting MMO gamers, the Razer Anansi: Mac Edition is priced at $99.99 / EU 99.99 and boasts a 16 million color backlight, more than 100 programmable Hyperesponse keys with on-the-fly macro recording, seven thumb modifier keys (found below the space bar), five gaming keys, and a few Mac media keys.
All three keyboards can be bought from Razer's online store .
Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition

Razer Anansi: Mac Edition