After a lengthy beta period (the first public beta build was released in August), the latest version of Trillian for Windows has finally graduated and is now available for download, complete with a new interface, vastly improved social integration, and a new business model.
According to its makers, Trillian 5 for Windows, Trillian for Mac, and the mobile versions of the instant messaging app are going free, and will be supported by ads. For desktop users, this means that all those cool features previously available in the paid Pro edition (the ability to sign in from multiple locations, themes, activity history viewer) now come at no cost.
The Pro version may have been retired but Cerulean launched a Pro service which costs $12 per year and allows Trillian users to get rid of ads and to store their chats online (in the cloud). People who have purchased a Trillian 5 Pro license are being 'grandfathered into the new Trillian Pro' so they will still benefit from extras.
The free, ad-based Trillian 5 for Windows can be downloaded via this page . The mobile apps have yet to be updated (but they are coming).

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