Access Blackberry Administration Service URL From Your Computer

if you installed BES server 5.0 or later on Windows 2008 R2 then you probably already noticed that the Blackberry Administration Service console is not accessible from outside the server. if you try the default console URL from your computer, most likely you will get a time-out error on your browser:

the reason why this happens is because the Firewall in Windows 2008 R2 is blocking the incoming port 3443. I tried disabling the Firewall completely in the BES server running Windows 2008 r2 but that killed my network connection to the server, so I thought of configuring the firewall to allow incoming calls from port 3443 instead, that did the trick!.
here is how you add the incoming rule to the firewall.
Login to your BES server running windows 2008, and type this command wf.msc on the RUN command and hit Enter. the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security console should come up:

Right-click on inbound Rules and select New Rule:

choose port on the following window, and click Next.

check TCP on the next window, and specify the port you want to open which is 3443:

on the next screen select Allow the connection and click Next:

on the next screen choose from where you want to access the port. I chose only Domain because I only want to access the server from computers connected to my domain:

Type the name of the rule on the next screen. and then click on Finish.

The Rule should be live now, and you should be able to access the blackberry Administration Service from outside the server.