How To Bypass Sonicwall Content Filtering At Work

If Facebook and other social media sites are being blocked at your workplace, then there are a few methods you can use to bypass the rules of content filtering on a SonicWall or other firewall . Normally content filtering is done at the firewall level and websites are blocked using domain names. for example, if you want to get to Facebook, then you put the IP address of the site as the URL on the browser instead of the domain name, and that will bypass the firewall rule.

so how do you get the IP address of Facebook, YouTube or any other website your company is blocking?
ping the website URL!!
for example if you want to know the IP address of Facebook do the following. press the Windows and the letter R keyssimultaneously on your keyboard. the RUN command should pop-up. type CMD and click OK. the command prompt window should come up. type Ping and hit Enter. you should be able to see the IP address on the replies:

open your browser, and type the IP address like this on the address bar that should open facebook!!
do the same for all other websites you want to get to from your content filtered network.
another quick method of getting to a blocked website is by using a proxy server. proxy servers hide your computer identity so a firewall won’t detect it.
here is a good proxy server website – with a nice name.