Does anyone have information on the different remote controlers from dream-multimedia.
I found the lasest version here, Remote control RC-10 | dream-multimedia-tv.de
But no mention of earlier versions.

I have learnt so far:-

Dreambox remotes have onboard memory, and can be programmed. a) from the remote itself. b) from PC via cable.
Dreambox remotes have a JP1 6-Pin connection inside battery compartment, for connection to PC.
There is different connection standards used :- JP1 JP1.1 JP 1.2 JP 1.3
There is different types of memory chip used.
Programming the remote you can control the TV set.
EFC (effective function code) can be input.
TV manufactures remote codes can be input.

1, Can anyone provide the information on older remotes.
2, Can anyone provide the information on programming remotes.

Thankyou in advance