Pay Server Rules ( Do and Do not )

1…Pay Servers must provide price and also offer 3 months fee in this forum. Pay servers can sell 6 or 12 months or more subscriptions but 3 months subscriptions must be offered. Single 1 month offers by your side will be welcomed.Some servers take money from some clients close all servers change dns and back to work with different user name this is not acceptable here.

2...We have been informed that some servers are per case replying that they don't give tests because their servers are full followed by messaging to clients saying that there are only a few slots to sell and a minimum fee of 6 or 12 months to subscribe again this is not acceptable here.

3… If someone insults you, report that post to forum team ( you have this option reporting a post even as a standard user ) Please don't reply insulting back.

4… One Open thread in the Pay Servers sections please, if you want to open a new one you should close the old one.Doing so you are subject in receiving a warning.

5… We had members complaining that server owners are bumping threads to top by posting just eg.Tests available all the time and also posting just eg.pms emails replied all the time.This is not fair to other server owners so please post such things only once every 120 hours ( 5 days).Fail to do so you will receive a warning.

6… Pay Server owner is allowed to respond to members issues or any question regarding the server "not requesting a test line this should be replied via pm only" Can respond to members request regarding test lines if members had any issues receiving the test line by anyway, then he is allowed to reply and confirm that he already sent the test lines.

7… Pay Server owner can and must update his thread as this is important to clients to keep updated.Packages removed from the server must be removed real time. Fail to do so you will receive a warning.

8… Pay Servers in order to advertise write " servers from that country or the other have bad ping and freez and others insulting this way other servers" this is not acceptable here.We have seen servers hosted in mentioned countries that are more reliable than others and with with good ping and with no freez & real local cards.

9… Using the forum main chat box to promote your server is not allowed.Some servers post links to their thread or say something like "thread updated etc this is not acceptable here.

10…We are not responsible for any transaction between Pay Server and client,it`s your responsibility to secure the way to send or receive money.