Integral Systems... Combo Clout (SatCom) Two major products are going to be brought in under a single umbrella...

Integral Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq:ISYS) plans to combine the development for two of its flagship product lines into the Satellite Ground Systems division of RT Logic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integral Systems. The products include the front-end processor and test capabilities of the RT Logic Telemetrix-500 (T500) series and the Avtec Programmable Telemetry Processors (PTP), offered by Integral Systems' SATCOM Solutions Division. Combined, the product lines support an overwhelming majority of the worldwide civil, defense and commercial space programs for test and operations.

The T500 series of products are found at the heart of U.S.A.F., Intelligence, DoD and civil satellite control networks and provide industry-leading support for secure missions requiring encrypted communications front-end processing, networking and recording. The products are also widely deployed in factory/payload test and launch operations. The PTP product line is extensively deployed in NASA, NOAA, commercial and university-based centers. Integral Systems' PTPs are well known for configuration flexibility, as well as for powerful payload and communications testing. The T500 and PTP products support the industry's most stringent standards, including CCSDS, SGLS and other related standards.

Last year, Integral Systems acquired CVG Inc. and Avtec Systems, Inc., which now operate as Integral Systems' SATCOM Solutions division. For additional information regarding Integral Systems' SATCOM Solutions division and its high-speed data communications solutions.