Satellite TV edges towards 200 million subs
14.46 Europe/London, July 10, 2011 By Robert Briel

Digital TV Research forecasts that the number of pay DTH homes will be 195 million across 73 countries by end-2016, up from 139 million at end-2010. The Satellite TV Forecasts report estimates that penetration was 10.3% of TV households at end-2010 and will reach 13.1% by 2016.

India will lead the sector with 45 million pay DTH homes in 2016, followed by the US with 36 million. However, penetration will be highest in South Africa (47%) and Ireland (41%).

The number of FTA digital DTH homes was 97 million by end-2010, with another 22 million to be added by end-2016. Penetration was 7.2% of TV households at end-2010, and will be 8.0% by 2016. FTA DTH is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa.

Satellite TV revenues will overtake cable TV revenues in 2011. DTH revenues will reach $86 billion (60.3 billion) in 2016, up from $71 billion in 2010. DTH will command nearly half the total revenues by 2016, up from only 43% in 2006. The US will remain DTH market leader, though its share of the total will fall from 54% in 2006 to 41% in 2016. Brazil will add the most DTH revenues ($3.1 billion) between 2010 and 2016 more than doubling its total in the process.