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StreamMeNG 1.0.1g Build 1281 21.08.11

StreamMeNG 1.0.1g Build 1281 21.08.11

Further cleaned up, stabilized and optimized, made ​​additional changes for HD.
From this version there will be only the OMP variant.

Bug fixes:
* OMP should now also be run with single core processors.
* Stack size for a thread I raised to 768 Kb, 256 were too little (transcoders, etc. ..).
* There has even been complaining Norton AV, when is rebooted after updating the PC,
I have the back off and sought a different path.
* Many, many smaller fixes, looks after itself.

New features:
* If you set the environment variable "OMP_NUM_THREADS" on a numeric value> 0, can
Her decide wielviele threads for parallel processing to be used.
From my experience of her is a value> = 16 the best.
The environment variable is not used, StreamMe automatically the number of usable
Threads on a number of processors * 16.
* Latest Intel 2011.5.221 runtime is used.
* The transcoder can now define your own conversion speed (Low, Normal, High).

Tested on XP and WIN 7 (VM) each with single core / multi core.