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TSDoctor ver 1.0.3 (Latest 1.1.25)

TS-Doctor 1.1.25

Change log

Check for sufficient disk space for the remuxing
Header compression disabled by default when MKVToolnix (WDTV compatible)
Note and abort when the first PCR value cannot be found
Search depth first PCR and first PTS value doubled
Message in the Remuxer if no muxers (tsMuxer or MKVToolnix) is installed recognition problem by Eastern European channels fixed
MKVToolnix download under "Supported Tools"
tsMuxeR control fixed, which caused that tsMuxeR hangs when converting to BluRay, AVCHD
Automatic creation of Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc files (for make forward and rewind work on the boxes)
Manual creation of the index of the Dreambox (Enigma) .ap and .sc Dateien via Tools/TS Index Creator