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Hardware-Update for Dreamboxes

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Hardware-Update for Dreamboxes

Leontech, the firm responsible for the distribution of the Dreambox brand of Linux-based set-top boxes, is launching three existing models of Dreamboxes into the trade with improved hardware.
The DM500 HD as well as the DM800 HD se and the DM7020 HD will be equipped with new memory modules, increasing the performance of the boxes. In addition a release image will be published for the OE2.0 software for the second generation of Dreamboxes.
To date, the DM500 HD and the DM800 HD se have come equipped with a 64 MB flash memory. The random access memory used to be 256 MB. The new hardware components mean that the flash memory in both Dreamboxes is increased to 1 GB. The random access memory capacity is doubled to 512 MB. The increased memory capacity will allow users to install significantly more plug-ins and other extensions, thus increasing the range of functions of their Dreambox.
As a result, both the compact DM500 HD and the DM800 HD se now feature the same memory capacity as the DM7020 HD. This Dreambox, too, is being equipped with new memory modules, as the modules used previously are no longer available from the suppliers.
To coincide with the new hardware in the second generation Dreamboxes, Leontech will make available a release image for the OE2.0 software. To date, only a beta version of the software has been available, which, among other features, supports the HbbTV standard.
Leontech spokesperson Louis Lee, said in a statement: “This hardware update ensures the DM500 HD and the DM800 HD se remain at the cutting edge of technology. The expansion of memory capacity allows users to adapt their Dreamboxes even better to their individual preferences.”
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