Netflix arrives on Com Hem TiVo

From today customers to Com Hem’s network in Sweden can access Netflix from their set-top box.
TiVo is being included as an app; customers will access the service using their existing Netflix login.
Netflix will be fully integrated in the search function in TiVo meaning that when searching on any title, actor or such in TiVo, the results will include content from Netflix.
“The new Netflix app complements and further strengthens our current content offering. We want the customer to be able to access any content they want to watch in one single place, regardless of source. As a TiVo user you now easily can search and browse across all of Netflix’s acclaimed line up, together with all the other great content available through Com Hem. This adds up to thousands and thousands of titles, meaning you can find practically anything you would like to watch through your TiVo”, said Asanga Gunatillaka, Chief Product Officer at Com Hem.
The first operator in Sweden to do so, it follows a similar move on the UK’s Virgin Media.